An additional benefit of partnering with Leverage Buying Group is our unique partnership with Buyers Edge. Operating as a third party auditor, Buyers Edge price checks every item on every invoice every week. As an independent auditor it is their job to electronically gather cost files and invoice data from each of our vendors and audit all the prices charged to our members to ensure you were charged correctly.


When Buyers Edge does find an incorrect price charged to a member a credit is requested from the vendor. The credit is then applied to your account within five business days. No more chasing your sales rep for credits. No more wondering if you were charged correctly. This added layer of security saves or member’s time and money. Not to mention peace of mind.

Both LBG and Buyers Edge jointly monitor all existing rebates and contracted prices and are immediately notified well in advance of upcoming product expirations, which will allow you to stay ahead of the market as opposed to being surprised. Knowledge of what’s ahead is our job!